St. Mary’s County, MD – On July 24, 2023, at 12:12 a.m., law enforcement units responded to an alarm at the Cloud Smoke Shop at 22811 Three Notch Rd. in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Upon arrival, evidence of forced entry was discovered, and it was soon revealed that approximately $2000 worth of merchandise had been stolen. However, what initially seemed like a straightforward burglary quickly escalated into a potentially dangerous situation.

Shortly after law enforcement arrived at the scene, a concerned citizen contacted the St. Mary’s County Emergency Communications Center, providing vital information about the suspects and their location. The citizen also warned that one of the identified suspects might be armed, raising the stakes for law enforcement.

Acting on the provided information, units swiftly arrived at the address the citizen gave and, with the citizen’s assistance, gathered additional evidence linking the named suspects to the burglary at the Cloud Smoke Shop.

A perimeter was established around the residence where (6) individuals emerged to ensure public safety and apprehend the suspects. However, there was concern that the potentially armed roommate of the suspects was still unaccounted for, leading to the declaration of a barricade situation.

Responding to the potentially volatile situation, the St. Mary’s County Hostage Negotiations Team, Emergency Services Team, and Criminal Investigations Division took charge of the operation, continuing their efforts to resolve the incident safely.

Hours passed with law enforcement attempting to establish contact with the individuals she was barricaded inside the residence. Eventually, after exhausting all reasonable means of communication, a Search Warrant was authorized for the residence and executed by the Emergency Services Team. During the search, law enforcement found and safely apprehended (1) a juvenile subject. Furthermore, numerous items confirmed to be stolen from the Cloud Smoke Shop were recovered, strengthening the case against the suspects.

Following multiple interviews and a thorough investigation, the authorities identified and charged the individuals involved in the burglary at the Cloud Smoke Shop. The suspects were Marcus Jamal Price, 21, hailing from California; Jordan Dayvon Rice, 21, from Huntingtown; and (3) juveniles whose identities are protected due to their age.

Marcus Jamal Price and Jordan Dayvon Rice, along with the (3) juveniles, are now facing charges of burglary and related offenses. The successful resolution of this case highlights the importance of community cooperation and the diligent efforts of law enforcement in ensuring public safety and bringing those responsible for crimes to justice.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office commended the concerned citizen whose timely information significantly contributed to the case’s successful resolution. They also urged the community to continue assisting law enforcement by promptly reporting suspicious activities.

As the investigation continues, law enforcement remains vigilant in ensuring the safety and security of the residents and businesses in St. Mary’s County. The recovery of stolen merchandise and the swift apprehension of the suspects send a clear message that criminal activities will not be tolerated in the area.

Authorities are appealing to anyone with additional information about the incident or the suspects involved to come forward and cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

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