La Plata, August 3, 2023 – La Plata Police Department (LPPD) officers conducted a routine traffic stop on Charles Street at Crain Highway, leading to the discovery of a loaded Springfield XD-M .40 caliber handgun and a DPMS DP-15 AR Pistol.

The vehicle’s occupants, Darrel Lamont King, 29, from La Plata, and Justin Wallace Drew, 30, from Hyattsville, now face multiple firearm violations, including possessing an obliterated serial number. King is also charged as a prohibited individual in possession of a firearm. Both have been taken into custody at the Charles County Detention Center with no bond currently set.

According to the LPPD, the incident occurred during a routine traffic stop on August 3rd. The officers discovered that the vehicle was uninsured and subsequently decided to conduct an inventory search. They found a loaded Springfield XD-M .40 caliber handgun and a DPMS DP-15 AR Pistol during the search. In addition to the two firearms, officers also found loaded 30-round and 60-round magazines near the DPMS DP-15 pistol.

Following the discovery of the weapons, Darrel Lamont King and Justin Wallace Drew were arrested on multiple firearm-related charges inside the vehicle during the traffic stop. Their charges included possessing a firearm with an obliterated serial number, indicating an attempt to conceal the origin of the firearm. Furthermore, Darrel Lamont King was charged as a prohibited individual possessing a firearm, suggesting a previous legal restriction on firearm ownership.

The La Plata Police Department ensured the safe transport of both individuals to the Charles County Detention Center for further processing and charging. As of the latest update, they remain held at the detention center without bond.

Possessing firearms with altered serial numbers raises severe concerns for law enforcement and the community. Such alterations hinder tracing firearms used in criminal activities, making it challenging for authorities to investigate and solve cases involving these weapons. The charges against King and Drew underscore the authorities’ commitment to curbing illegal possession and use of firearms within the region.

Authorities have yet to release information on the motive behind possessing these loaded firearms with altered serial numbers. Investigations are ongoing to determine whether King and Drew have any prior criminal records or if they are affiliated with any illegal firearm distribution networks.

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