To prepare students for the upcoming school year and equip them with valuable academic, social-emotional, and creative skills, Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) has once again hosted its Summer Boost program. The enrichment initiative, conducted at select schools during the summer break, aims to support students’ learning journeys through subject-based lessons taught in a creative style. This year, the Boost programs were successfully held at 11 elementary and middle schools, with dedicated CCPS teachers, counselors, and staff members leading the way.

The Summer Boost program has been an instrumental platform for educators like Susanti Martinez, an art teacher at William B. Wade Elementary School. Martinez took charge of an art session for elementary-aged students at C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School. Her primary focus was introducing the children to various coloring tools such as crayons and markers while imparting essential skills like blending, coloring within the lines, and employing different painting techniques.

A student at the Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) 2023 Summer Boost program at the C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School location learns about cool and warm colors through this coloring exercise. Credit: Charles County Public Schools

“I want them to have fun,” Martinez expressed, highlighting the significance of fostering a joyful and engaging learning environment. By incorporating creativity and playfulness into her lessons, she hoped to ignite the students’ passion for art while strengthening their artistic capabilities.

At the middle school level, Laura Glenn, a dedicated educator at Matthew Henson Middle School, led the history Summer Boost class at Theodore G. Davis Middle School. Glenn’s primary objective was to prepare these students for the challenges of high school by delving into the realm of U.S. History. Each student selected a unique topic, such as gold miners or explorers, and thoroughly researched using primary sources. They answered essential questions and ultimately curated their presentations, which adorned the classroom walls like a museum exhibit.

This interactive approach allowed students to showcase their hard work and dedication and provided their peers with valuable insights from the diverse range of topics explored. “I enjoy the help that the teachers give in the program to help us learn more,” stated Amiyah Bucksell, an eighth-grade student at Davis, emphasizing the impact of supportive educators on the learning process.

In addition to the in-person Summer Boost sessions, CCPS ensured all students had access to online enrichment opportunities through FEV Tutoring and the Clever app. This commitment to providing various learning avenues reflects the school system’s dedication to the holistic development of its students.

For those seeking further academic challenges, CCPS offered an online platform accessible through the website, where students could engage in summer learning and expand their knowledge beyond the classroom.

As the Summer Boost program wrapped up successfully, it showcased the dedication of Charles County Public Schools to nurturing students’ growth and ensuring they are well-prepared for the upcoming academic year. By leveraging subject-based lessons taught creatively, enthusiastic educators like Susanti Martinez and Laura Glenn significantly impacted their students, equipping them with essential skills and instilling a love for learning.

The Summer Boost program’s success exemplifies CCPS’s commitment to empowering students with a well-rounded education and fostering an environment where learning becomes an exciting and enriching experience. With a diverse range of opportunities, from art sessions to history classes, students could explore their interests and broaden their horizons, laying a strong foundation for their future academic endeavors. As the new school year approaches, the positive impact of the Summer Boost program will undoubtedly resonate throughout Charles County Public Schools, creating a community of motivated and eager learners ready to tackle new challenges.

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