ANNAPOLIS, MD – A new pathway to community service opportunities in Maryland was announced today with the launch of the Maryland Serves application portal by Governor Moore. The portal aims to facilitate living wage service opportunities for eligible adults and foster connections with organizations eager to serve as host partners.

Governor Moore expressed the program’s ambition: “The Maryland Serves application portal offers an unprecedented opportunity for Marylanders to explore career pathways that allow their talents and purpose to come together to serve their community.” The emphasis on service is intended to enhance a sense of unity and compassion across the state, aligning with the Governor’s long-standing advocacy for community service.

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Under the SERVE Act initiated by Governor Moore, the service year option is a first in the nation. It is designed to boost community service among young people, offer paid opportunities for work, and bridge to further employment, additional service roles, or continued education. Maryland’s newly formed Department of Service and Civic Innovation will oversee these service options. The focus areas will address priority issues like climate, education, health, and workforce expansion.

The Maryland Serves portal offers two distinct programs:

  1. Service Year Option: Open to Maryland high school graduates aged 18-21. Participants will serve in various organizations, receiving job training and professional development while earning a minimum wage of $15 an hour.
  2. Maryland Corps: Open to adults of all ages in Maryland for public and community service. Participants will receive resources like personal money management training and earn at least $15 an hour.

Members completing the nine-month program in either track will earn $6,000 towards tuition or receive it as a cash stipend.

Organizations wishing to be host partners for these programs, including nonprofits, government agencies, or businesses focused on community building and volunteerism, are encouraged to submit an interest form through the portal.

Maryland Department of Service and Civic Innovation Secretary Paul Monteiro lauded the initiative by stating, “I am pleased to support Governor Moore’s call to make service the foundation for a stronger Maryland. Our programs allow Marylanders to explore their possibilities and discover their power through service.”

The application deadline for individuals and organizations interested in participating in the program is September 1.

For further details or to apply, prospective participants and organizations can visit

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