PRINCE FREDERICK, Md., August 25, 2023 – Calvert County Government calls on its residents to participate in a recently launched community survey to improve local government services and quality of life. The survey, available at, is part of an ongoing initiative to keep the county responsive to community needs and concerns.

The survey gauges residents’ experiences in various sectors, including housing, education, transportation, and public safety. The county intends to use the feedback to identify areas of concern and make targeted improvements.

Residents who participated in the initial survey conducted from January to June 2023 are encouraged to respond again. The first survey received over 1,000 responses, with 75% of respondents indicating satisfaction with life in Calvert County, particularly in areas like libraries, safety, education, and parks and recreation. The full report of these findings is accessible online at

Areas in which respondents were less satisfied included access to affordable housing, the permit and zoning process, jobs that provide a living wage, and public transportation services. High satisfaction scores on safety suggested it’s an area to maintain focus on, whereas low scores in the community sense signaled the need for improvement in that sector.

Survey responses are kept confidential and anonymous. While the survey doesn’t collect names, addresses, or other identifying information, individuals can share their email addresses should they wish to receive updates on future surveys.

By conducting these surveys, Calvert County Government is employing a transparent approach to community engagement, enabling it to identify broad areas for service improvement and specific community issues that may require immediate attention.

“The latest survey is an important tool for our county officials and staff to understand residents’ priorities and concerns better,” said the press release from the Calvert County Government. The data collected is vital for improving existing services and developing new programs tailored to community needs.

Residents’ input in local governance is vital, and these surveys effectively channel that dialogue. By actively participating in the survey, Calvert County residents can contribute directly to the enhancement of their local community, thus creating a better environment for all.

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