WALDORF, Md. – Four individuals have been charged by detectives from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division in connection with a murder that transpired on June 9, 2023, in Waldorf’s 2500 block of Lake Drive. The charges culminated in a joint investigation involving the FBI Washington Office and the Metropolitan Police Department. Multiple state and federal indictments have been issued against eight suspects in the homicide investigation.

Desmond Evans, 18, of Washington, D.C.; Kevon Jackson, 23, of Hyattsville; Ramel Henderson, 19, of Bowie; and a 16-year-old male from Washington, D.C., were arrested on August 31. During their arrest, search warrants were executed at various locations throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C., leading to the recovery of 14 firearms, a significant quantity of marijuana, and additional physical evidence linking the arrested individuals to the homicide.

Ramel Henderson, 19, of Bowie Credit: Charles County Sheriffs Office
Credit: Charles County Sheriff's Office
Kevon Jackson, 23, of Hyattsville Credit: Charles County Sheriff's Office

Detective Bringley of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division is heading the ongoing investigation. The suspects were arrested following a meticulous pursuit of leads, which later led to collaboration with members of the FBI Washington Office and the Metropolitan Police Department. The joint investigative efforts ultimately resulted in multiple state and federal indictments, widening the scope and implications of the case.

While the specific details of the case remain undisclosed to the public, the discovery of firearms and marijuana during the arrest of the suspects underscores the complexities involved in the investigation. These elements not only affect the suspected act of murder but potentially include weapon and drug offenses, amplifying the legal ramifications for those charged.

The investigation is far-reaching, involving cooperation across state and federal law enforcement agencies. It also highlights the persistence of detectives in following up on leads that have led to these charges, breaking new ground in a murder case that has disturbed the community since June.

The 14 firearms recovered during the arrest indicate substantial firepower, posing questions about the scale of criminal operations associated with the suspects. The arrest warrants executed at various locations also suggest that the process to apprehend these individuals was extensive, requiring a high level of coordination among law enforcement agencies.

As the investigation proceeds, further details are expected to emerge, illuminating the circumstances that led to the murder and the subsequent arrests. For now, the arrest and indictment of the four suspects mark a significant milestone in the case, offering some degree of closure for a community rattled by the violent incident.

The case remains under active investigation, and any individuals with information are encouraged to contact Detective Bringley or the Charles County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division.

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