LEONARDTOWN, Md. — St. Mary’s Ryken Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School (XBSS) commenced its academic year with a distinguished ceremony on September 8, honoring its newest class of XBSS Stewards during the first all-school Mass of the year.

XBSS Stewards are a select group of senior students chosen for their commitment to embodying Xaverian values such as compassion, humility, simplicity, trust, and zeal. These stewards serve as living witnesses to Christ within the school community and are tasked with promoting the school’s Catholic identity and ethos of faith and service.

Credit: St. Mary's Ryken High School

The 2023-24 class of stewards were formally inducted during the ceremony. They were pictured alongside Fr. Ryan Braam, a St. Mary’s Ryken alumnus from the class of 2014, and moderators Ms. Emma Davis and Mr. Greg DeStefano. The honorees included Lawrence Annulis, Audrey Burfield, Shannon Cain, Mae Culbreth, Sarah Devine, Emily Farrell, Christian Giovacchini, Joni Gordon, Liam Haley, Breanna Johnson, Emma Kelley, Isabella Longmore, Giselle Maldonado, James O’Hara, Dillon Peed, Catie Pensenstadler, Clara Pham, Hannah Rison, Maura Schmeiser, Olivia Schreyer, and Matthew Seep.

XBSS Stewards play a vital role in sustaining the legacy and traditions of the Xaverian Brothers, who have a long history of contributing to education and spiritual development. They are often called upon to lead various religious and community activities, from Mass celebrations to volunteer service events.

These stewards are expected to be role models, embodying Xaverian values in everyday interactions within the school and the broader community. The induction ceremony signifies an honor and a responsibility—challenging the stewards to serve as spiritual and ethical leaders among their peers.

The appointment of these stewards comes at a time when educational institutions increasingly emphasize student-led initiatives and character education. Schools like St. Mary’s Ryken lean toward holistic education, integrating academic excellence with moral and spiritual formation.

The ceremony serves as an annual tradition for St. Mary’s Ryken, known for its commitment to fostering a strong sense of community and promoting an inclusive environment where students can grow academically and spiritually.

As the academic year progresses, the newly inducted stewards are expected to continue their community service projects and participate in various school events, actively contributing to the school’s mission and enriching its community life.

St. Mary’s Ryken is a Catholic, college-preparatory school rooted in the Xaverian tradition, dedicated to academic excellence and individualized student growth. It stands as a beacon for religious education, where young people are encouraged to live out their faith in meaningfully.

For more information about St. Mary’s Ryken and the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools Stewards program, visit their official website.

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