The Maryland Retired School Personnel Association (MRSPA) offers classroom teachers the opportunity to apply for one of six mini-grants, with applications due by November 1. The grants, which can award up to $300 each, are intended for special projects or activities not covered by funding from the school system, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), or Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO).

Emily Leedy, a science teacher at J.C. Parks Elementary School, received a mini-grant from MRSPA in 2021 as a classroom teacher at Malcolm Elementary School. Leedy utilized the award to initiate a pen pal program between Malcolm students and their counterparts in another Maryland school system. The grant helped cover costs for postage and stationery.

The mini-grant winners will be notified in January, and the funds will be sent directly to the recipient teacher at their respective school for use during the current academic year.

Interested parties can visit MRSPA’s website to apply for a mini-grant or learn more about the program. Completed applications can be emailed to by the November 1 deadline. For additional questions, MRSPA can be reached at 410-551-1517 or via email at

The mini-grants offer a unique avenue for teachers to enrich their classroom experiences and provide resources for activities or projects that may otherwise go unfunded. While the grant amount is capped at $300, the impact of these funds can be substantial, particularly for initiatives that fall outside traditional school funding models.

The mini-grants come as a part of MRSPA’s broader mission to support the educational community in Maryland. As a nonprofit organization, MRSPA offers these mini-grants and advocates for improved conditions for both active and retired school personnel.

While it’s clear that grants like these can provide much-needed support for innovative classroom projects, they also highlight the ongoing challenge of securing adequate funding for education. Teachers often seek external funding sources to make ends meet, illustrating the importance of programs such as MRSPA’s mini grants in filling the gap.

The MRSPA mini-grants are yet another example of how community organizations are stepping up to assist teachers in delivering more engaging and educational experiences for students. The application deadline is swiftly approaching, and educators interested in seizing this opportunity are encouraged to apply before November 1.

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