The La Plata branch of the Charles County Public Library will be closed for asbestos clean-up from Dec. 27 through Dec. 30. While closed, no items will be due, no fines will be assessed, and the book drop will be locked.

Asbestos containing tiles were discovered during the early stages of carpet removal in staff offices on the lower level of the La Plata branch on Thursday, Dec. 7. No asbestos fibers have been found in any of the public spaces.

The area where the asbestos was discovered has been tightly sealed and contained. There is no chance that the fibers have migrated to other areas of the library. Once the asbestos removal process has been completed, all areas of the La Plata branch will be safe.

We apologize for the inconvenience. While the La Plata branch is closed, please visit or call one of our other Charles County Public Library locations:

The library will re-open Tuesday, Jan. 2 at 9 a.m. For questions, please contact, Charles County Public Library Assistant Director, Kenneth Wayne Thompson at