WASHINGTON, DC – House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today in recognition of Women’s History Month:

“I join in celebrating Women’s History Month throughout March, from which we can all draw inspiration as we work together to fight sexism, gender-based violence, and inequality.  Women’s history is unfolding before our eyes, as millions are standing up as part of a powerful movement to identify harassment, abuse, and institutional sexism and bring change to our society.  This movement is long overdue.  We must root out injustice, achieve full equality of opportunity, and protect every person’s right to a safe workplace, safe schools, safe streets, and a safe home.

“I will continue to fight for equal pay for women.  Congress also ought to do more to ensure that women have equal access to career-advancing higher education and in-demand skills training, including in STEM fields.

“I’m proud that women now make up a third of the House Democratic Caucus – but this is not enough.  Women are still underrepresented at the highest levels of our government, which is why I will continue to encourage talented women from across America – particularly women of color – to run for office and benefit the American people with their insight and experience.

“As we reflect during Women’s History Month on the march for full gender equality, let us draw strength from the many courageous, trailblazing women who have helped to shape our history and recommit ourselves to the vision of an America where every individual can achieve her full potential.”