Three Northern High School students advanced to the Intel International Science Fair after placing fourth in the Prince Georges County Regional Science Fair.Nathan Hayes, Jim Kong, and Will Longsworth will travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in May to compete with their project “Iago—The Study of Neural Networks To Play Othello.”

Dr. Daniel D. Curry, Superintendent, said, “We are proud of these guys and know they will represent Calvert County well.”

In addition to winning the fourth-place grand prize, Nathan, Jim, and Will earned first place in the Robotics and Intelligent Machines Category. They also won the Best Presentation Award, NSA Honor Award, Aerospace Corporation Award, and Washington Statistical Society Award.

Catherine Bubser, also of Northern High, won second place in the chemical energy category with her project “Alternative Energy: Biogas Digester.” In addition, Catherine won the Most Outstanding Student in Mathematics from Calvert County Award, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics AIAA/NASA Award, American Society of Mechanical Engineers Honorable Mention Award, Office of Naval Research Naval Science Award, Clean Air Partners Air Quality and Climate Change Science Fair Award, and the Izaak Walton Conservation Award.

Isabelle Du Bois of Southern Middle School won first place in the category of Engineering Mechanics with her project “Lift—Full of Hot Air.”