Leonardtown, MD – Recognizing today’s children represent tomorrow’s leaders, St. Mary’s County and its commissioners remain steadfast in their commitment to ensure their safety and security. This commitment extends to their families and communities. To symbolize their resolve, the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County have proclaimed the month of April 2018 National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month, observed across the nation each April, provides a time to raise awareness about child abuse and to encourage our community to support prevention efforts. Commissioners and members of the community realize problems of child abuse, neglect and maltreatment of vulnerable young lives are of paramount concern.

“Effective child abuse prevention programs are the best defense for combatting child abuse because of successful partnerships created among families, the child advocacy center, social service agencies, schools, faith communities, civic organizations, law enforcement and the business community,” said Commissioner Mike Hewitt (2nd District). “All St. Mary’s County citizens share a responsibility in preventing child abuse through diligent reporting of suspected cases of child neglect and maltreatment.”

In proclaiming April 2018 National Child Abuse Prevention Month, commissioners urge all citizens to work toward improving child safety and raising public awareness about how to prevent, recognize and stop child abuse.

Images courtesy of St. Mary’s County Public Information Office