Deputy Shawn Shelko and Correctional Officer Alexander Tasciotti were named Rookies of the Year for 2017 for the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office at the Annual Awards Banquet held at the Bay District Volunteer Fire Department on Friday, May 18, 2018.

Sheriff Tim Cameron congratulates Deputy Shawn Shelko

Deputy Shelko started with the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 2, 2015 and was released from Field Training on Oct. 10, 2016. Shelko is a consummate professional and sets the example for 21st Century policing – methodical in his approach and pursues his cases like a seasoned veteran.

Shortly after his release from field training, Shelko investigated a reported stolen boat. Shelko found through social media that a similar boat was being sold online. Although the boat’s appearance was painted over, Shelko continued the investigation which led to the discovery of the boat’s disposed vehicle identification number. The stolen property was recovered, followed by conviction of the culprit.

Utilizing techniques learned in Crisis Intervention Training, Shelko has turned potentially violent situations into calm and easy ones on several occasions. He is the example of how we want our deputies to interact with the public and his demeanor brings honor to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office.

Tasciotti began his career with the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office as a Correctional Officer on April 25, 2016. In addition to his primary duties, he is a certified Booking Officer, member of the Sheriff’s Office Color Guard and a drone pilot for the agency.

Sheriff Tim Cameron congratulates Correctional Officer Alexander Tasciotti

Tasciotti has assisted in the collection of intelligence resulting in the discovery and removal of contraband from within the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center. He was also recognized for his heroic actions of pulling a citizen from a burning vehicle and providing emergency medical care until Emergency Medical Services arrived.

He is a thorough, capable and diligent officer who completes tasks without hesitation or complaint and assists his fellow officers with their daily assignments as well as unexpected events which unfold daily within the facility.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office takes great pride in naming Deputy Shelko as the 2017 Rookie of the Year and Correctional Officer Tasciotti as the 2017 Rookie of the Year.