From Principal James Kurtz: Mrs. Karen Merewitz joined Windy Hill Middle School in January of 2017 by way of the central office and before that Huntingtown Elementary.

I distinctly remember one thing she said when we interviewed her and that was that she missed being around the kids. I think we as school leaders look for certain qualities in people, and evidence of liking children must be at the top of the list.

Karen quickly immersed herself in the culture at Windy Hill Middle School, streamlining office procedures and increasing efficiency.

Karen’s colleagues describe her as kind, courteous, professional, caring, and overall amazing! They go on to state that she is always calm even when things are hectic. (Note: this is a very good quality to have when working in a school front office.) We are very happy to have Karen at Windy Hill Middle School and as our Support Person of the Year representative.