NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMMAND, PATUXENT RIVER, Md. –  A Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Logistics and Industrial Operations Naval Acquisition Development Program (NADP) intern was one of 140 Department of Defense students who recently graduated from the Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program (DCELP).

Colleen Treichel, a logistician, was one of two NAVAIR participants to attend the entry-level leader development course designed to grow emerging leaders for the civilian workforce.

Treichel said DCELP was instrumental in her personal development.  “I learned more about myself personally and how that effects my professional relationships, interactions, work ethic and how to use those skills to influence and advance my career,” she said.

“Since attending the program I have become more confident in my choices and have learned vital skills that have influenced my work philosophy as a whole,” she said. “This experience will definitely impact my leadership style and will be something I will use to shape any leadership decision I will make throughout my career.”

Jim Wojciechowski, her division supervisor, recognized Treichel’s potential early on in her career and nominated her for DCELP. “Ms. Treichel is an emerging leader in NAVAIR demonstrated by her interpersonal skills, problem solving abilities and decisiveness,” he said. “She has a strong willingness to learn and support the mission of not only NAVAIR but the DoD as a whole.”

Colleen Treichel (center) is pictured with (left) Reese Madsen, DoD Intelligence and Security, Chief Learning Officer, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Intelligence and (right) Vicki Brown, DoD Chief Learning Officer and Director, DoD Talent Development Directorate, Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Services

Triechel used her final DCELP final project to demonstrate her problem-solving skills and write a position paper on ways to improve the NADP senior project requirement. Those suggestions included refreshing its look, adding new features and benefits and finding ways for candidates to attain a better understanding of the project.

“NADP is a learning opportunity and a time to show our leadership new and innovative ways to get tasks done in the workplace. I hope my recommendations help and benefit future [Logistics and Industrial Operations] NADP employees,” she said.

Wojciechowski expects Treichel to bring her newly gained insights and skills, such as conflict management and team building, to her NAVAIR team.  “With an increased understanding of the DoD mission and culture as well as increased accountability, she is well poised to seamlessly move from an entry-level employee into positions with increased leadership,” he said.