Leonardtown, MD – Those in St. Mary’s County continues to have a sense of gratitude to disabled veterans who’ve done so much to keep the American way of life intact. The Disabled American Veterans organization works for the welfare of disabled veterans and their families by offering to file claims for government benefits free of charge and assist with job, hospital, employment and other issues. It is with a sense of gratitude the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County have proclaimed to Forget-Me-Not for the month of September.

The commissioners held a ceremony at their weekly business meeting by honoring the members of Chapter 26 of the Disabled American Veterans, a group established to help the disabled veterans of St. Mary’s County.

“The Disabled American Veterans organization has chosen the month of September for its annual Forget-Me-Not campaign in our community and has announced that all funds contributed will be utilized for disabled veterans in St. Mary’s County,” said Commissioner Mike Hewitt (2nd District).

In proclaiming Forget-Me-Not month, the commissioners urge all citizens, interested groups and organizations to support this worthy occasion.

Images courtesy of St. Mary’s County Public Information Office