New this school year for Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) parents is a website for elementary school instruction at The website is available at

The website features information about early childhood education, English as a Second Language (ESOL), fine arts, health and physical education, literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. The site also features information about instructional standards for elementary content areas, some of which is broken down by grade level.

The website also features information about gifted education programs and class acceleration, elementary retention procedures and resources to assist elementary school aged children with learning. Additionally, there is a directory of school system staff who oversee individual content areas within elementary education.

Elementary school instruction features evidence-based instructional practices that maintain a high level of rigor and complexity for students. Elementary school students often work in collaborative groups and participate in high-level discussions. Classroom activities and assignments encourage creativity and self-expression. As students develop skills and strategies, they apply learning and understanding in more independent activities.

For more information about the CCPS elementary instructional program, call 301-934-7332.