News Release, Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department

Attention all up and coming high school students!

In agreement with SMCPS and the Maryland Fire Rescue Institute the Fire & EMS program is continuing!

This program allows students to gain practical and classroom training to earn several certifications and college credits!

Students cover fire suppression courses, rope and vehicle rescue courses, Emergency Medical Technician, and others!

These are hand on classes where students will be performing actual skills the same as they would in an emergency environment. 

Students must be an active member of a Saint Marys County Fire VFD or VRS.

The courses offer a rapid sequence of learning that builds thru out the year and prepares students with the many courses some career fire departments require simply to even apply. All certifications are valid in the state of Maryland and if Pro-Boarded are valid across most of the country.

To date 9 of our members have gone thru this program with several now working for career departments.

Mechanicsville VFD Class of 2018, courtesy MFVD

Below is the direct application link for the Fire & EMS Cadet Program:

All students are welcome to apply for the program. However, only students entering 11th and 12th grade during the 2019-2020 school year will be considered for the program. Students who apply for the program but do not meet the grade level requirement will be put on a “watch list.”

The County Recruitment Coordinator (Kelly Bell) will still make contact with these students, ensure they are, or become, connected with a department, and will maintain contact with them, at least quarterly, until they become eligible for the program. Therefore, ANYONE interested should complete the application link!

The application link is open for students to begin applying. We understand students cannot apply for any of the other programs right now but the application process for the Fire & EMS Cadet Program will be open year round now!

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