Opening weekend of the Netflix movie,” Bird Box” starring Sandra Bullock was HUGE. According to Netflix’s internal numbers, 45 million accounts watched at least 70% of the movie. Netflix states this is the most-watched Netflix film over a seven-day period.

Inevitably, when a hit movie comes out with a blindfolded person making their way through an apocalyptic world, someone will come up with a “internet” challenge.

Along the way, someone famous or who carries “influence” on social media gets it going. In this case Morgan Adams was one of the first.

The challenge takes the core concept of Bird Box — wearing a blindfold at all times while wandering around outside — and applies it to a certain period of time. Some people, like YouTube creator Morgan Adams, have tried to go about their daily lives for 24 hours while blindfolded, while others have attempted the challenge for a shorter period.

The Netflix Social Media team stepped in and posted this on their official account:

Now we don’t know about you, but we didn’t find this movie, well…complete. It left a lot to be answered, and as for the challenge…we’ll keep the blindfold off and go into 2019 with our eyes wide opened.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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