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The Board of Education at its Jan. 8 meeting recognized five Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) students for accomplishments in the areas of academic achievement, career readiness and personal responsibility. Honored were Sherline Avila-Hernandez, Emily Maljak, Evelyn Michael, Imani Spencer and Trinity Treadway.

Avila-Hernandez is a fifth-grade student at Gale-Bailey Elementary School and was honored by the Board in the area of academic achievement. She is an honor-roll student and helps to anchor the daily announcements, the Gale-Bailey News. Avila-Hernandez has been a student at Gale-Bailey for the past two years and is known by her teachers as a kind and committed student. She has already made a plan for her future that includes joining either the Army or Air Force. Avila-Hernandez wants to work with weaponry or fly airplanes in the military. Outside of school, she plays the viola, enjoys spending time with her family and loves to play with her two dogs.

Maljak is a senior at Maurice J. McDonough High School and was honored before the Board in the area of personal responsibility. She is an honor-roll student and her course load includes both honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. She is an active member of Educators Rising and the National Honor Society. Maljak is a four-year member of both the drama club and school marching band, and participates in the show choir. She is well known among teachers at McDonough as a student who models the school’s RAM pride, which stands for respectful, accountable and motivated. Maljak is also known as a leader among her peers.

Michael is a fifth-grade student at Mary H. Matula Elementary School and was honored by the Board in the area of academic achievement. Michael is a role model student and demonstrates an exemplary work ethic, leadership skills and a desire to learn. She is kind and caring and goes out of her way to help a classmate in need of assistance. Michael has attended Matula since she was in prekindergarten and has demonstrated respect and responsibility throughout elementary school. She is enrolled in gifted classes in both reading and math, and is an honor-roll student. Michael is well known by her teachers as a compassionate student who encourages her peers to do their best.

Spencer is a fifth-grade student at Arthur Middleton Elementary School and was honored by the Board in the area of academic achievement. She demonstrates an excellent work ethic and is eager to help both her teachers and classmates. She maintains honor-roll grades and has earned all A’s so far this school year. Spencer plays the violin and is a member of the school art club. She loves to read and write and shares her writing with others. Spencer goes above and beyond in the classroom and is a positive influence on her peers.

Treadway is an eighth-grade student at Milton M. Somers Middle School and was honored by the Board in the area of career readiness. She is a straight A student and president of the National Junior Honor Society. Treadway serves as editor of the student newspaper, member of the advanced choir and is active in the drama club. She excels in the classroom and models positive behavior for her peers. Treadway is planning a career related to the arts and demonstrates all aspects of the school’s RISE philosophy – respecting individuals, self and the environment. Her teachers refer to her as a role model for her classmates.

The Board at its monthly meetings honors CCPS students and staff who are nominated by their principals for recognition.

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