by Jason C Mitchell

Hollywood, MD- The second Annual B Chord Bash takes place at Union Jack’s in Annapolis, MD on Saturday, April 13, 2019 starting at 4 pm. It’s a celebration of music artists that serves as both a showcase of talent and a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. B Chord was started over two years ago by founder Scott Lehr. His vision was simple, create a platform for up and coming country artists. He wanted to know their music and the artists behind them. Scott began working with local Maryland acts including many artists in Southern Maryland. Ashley Gaines from Huntingtown became an early B Chord artist just as it was in its early stages.

In the music scene it’s no secret that the original music scene is difficult to navigate. There are less venues that host original music than those paying talented musicians to play covers of well known hits. Scott wanted to create an event where he could showcase the talented individuals and groups he had gotten the chance to work with. Having a good standing relationship with Union Jack’s of Annapolis, Scott was able to arrange for the venue to host the B Chord Bash. Union Jack’s actually donates the date for the fundraiser. Scott wanted to use the opportunity to raise money for St. Jude because as a father he believes in St. Jude‘s policy to charge to cost of care to the families that find themselves in there care. “I’ve been blessed that my children are healthy. When I think about those parents and families that have to deal with cancer it weighs heavily. I want to be able to support want St. Jude does.”

This year the artists playing the B Chord Bash are Tucker Beathard, Jackson Dean, Devon Nickoles, Lauren Davidson, Ben Fuller, Dalton Elliott, The 81 Run, Brody Kean, Bradley Turner, Wesley Spangler, J. Antonette, Andrew Robear, Southern Tyde, Wes Ryce, Ashley Gaines, and Chip Wood. Of those artists eight out of sixteen include a Southern Maryland musician. “I want to try and get musicians that I’ve worked with in some shape or form. I’m trying to make sure it’s not all the same people as last year. Southern Maryland is well represented in this years line up.” To help everyone get to know all the artists, including the ones from outside of the state, Scott had podcast. “In the B Chord Cast podcast I interview each artist, one per week, leading up to the Bash. It helps the audience to get to know the musicians and a it behind the music and their stories.”

This event brings great music under one roof for a great cause. Each of these artists have tickets for sale that go towards raising money for St. Jude. “Last year we raised six thousand dollars. I know it’s ambitious, but I want to try and double it this year.” On top of ticket sales there have been numerous donations to silent auction including signed CD’s, vinyl’s, a gift package from DOME Headwear for 36 custom hats. A 50/50 raffle will also be held for Southern Maryland’s own Sam Grow Taylor guitar. Two individuals that believe in the event, Mr. and Mrs. Hart, reached out to Sam about the donation. They painted the guitar with St Jude, B Chord, Union Jack’s logos as well as the MD flag and the cancer ribbon. Sam’s hit The Blame was written on this Taylor.

One of the other items available is the B Chord Cast shirts. “An anonymous donor paid for all the shirts. That means we can take 100% of the proceeds and donate them. So many people have given us this items to sell. The support for this event is truly amazing.”Come out April 13th to Union Jack’s of Annapolis to support a gathering of great music for a great cause. Tickets can be found on the B Chord website, from the artists (save the online fees), and the venue!