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The Charles County Convocation Center was filled with cheers this morning as the Westlake High School Class of 2019 began their future as high school graduates. A total of 298 students received their diploma today in a ceremony in which the accomplishments of the class were celebrated.

The Wolverine Class of 2019 earned $18,274,616 in scholarship offers and is led by valedictorian Migue Darcera. Darcera plans to take a gap year after graduation and left his peers with words to remember in a poem he wrote about their time together of ‘720 days or so’ at Westlake.

“720 days or so ago we first walked through the doors. We, or some, were filled with hope and potential … filled with dreams and ambitions. In the next 720 days we will continue our journeys to whatever success we perceive. Regardless of how much you tried within the past 720 days or so, each 300 of you will walk this stage and step into the next 720 days,” Darcera shared.

New this year to Westlake was Principal Diane Roberts, who gave an emotional farewell to her first graduating class at Westlake. “Never forget that you are only one decision away from being the difference in any situation you encounter. Your years at Westlake have prepared you to make the decisions that will not only change your life, but the lives around you,” Roberts said.

Helping to lead the Westlake Class of 2019 are co-salutatorians Krisha Patel and Brianna Wilson. Patel served the past year as the Student Member to the Board of Education and is attending the University of Maryland, College Park in the fall. She will study economics and finance and left her peers with inspiring words.

“We have learned that it is okay to take a step back and breathe sometimes. Setbacks are a part of life, but those setbacks are not what defines you. What defines you is how you overcome those setbacks and what you learn from them,” Patel said.

Future plans for Westlake’s Class of 2019 include graduates with plans to enter the workforce, attend local colleges and universities, enter the U.S. military, and attend technical or trade schools. Several students received either partial or full academic and athletic scholarships, as well as received grants and recognition awards.

Wilson, class co-salutatorian, plans to study economics at Wellesley College in the fall. During the ceremony, she addressed her peers and encouraged them to take time to determine their future plans.

“Looking forward, I wish you all luck in your future endeavors. Whether you are going straight to college, the military, or taking a gap year, I know that great things await and that you all have something to offer the world. Do not worry if you do not have your entire life’s plan all figured out just yet, you still have time, and our paths are always changing. I know that you all will discover the passions that will motivate and drive you to the path of success,” Wilson said.

Westlake’s graduation was the fifth of seven high school ceremonies planned for May 30-31 and June 1 at the Charles County Convocation Center. Photos from Westlake’s graduation ceremony are posted on the school system website at

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