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News Release, Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission

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Hughesville, MD- The Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission, a division of the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland, is pleased to announce the release of the new Southern Maryland Meat and Seafood Guide.

Last published in 2012, the Meat and Seafood Guide is one of SMADC’s top consumer resources in print and on-line. The newly updated 36-page, full-color booklet showcases 78 Southern Maryland meat producers and seafood businesses where consumers can buy locally raised and harvested meats, poultry and seafood fresh from the region’s farms and waterways.

“Consumers want transparency from their producers, they want to know how their food is grown, and how to buy it easily; the new Meat and Seafood Guide does just that and more,” said Susan McQuilkin, SMADC Marketing Specialist.  The Guide’s reader-friendly format dedicates separate sections to each industry that include summarized introductions for each farm/producer, easy to see at-a-glance livestock and seafood icons indicating which meats/seafood are offered, as well as details on individual raising practices, how to buy and order options (cuts, custom, CSA’s) and contact information. Available in print and to view or download on-line, the digital version of the guide features an interactive map of all the listed producers, plus additional links to county websites for more ‘find a farm’ resources throughout Southern Maryland.

“It’s my pleasure to introduce the Southern Maryland meat and seafood producers listed in this publication,” commented Craig Sewell, Marketing and Livestock Manager for the Southern Maryland Meats program.  “It takes an immense amount of work to bring a product to market, sustain it and make a profit doing it; these producers of the land and water are a remarkable group of people running independent businesses raising wholesome, quality local foods for you and your family to enjoy.”

The Southern Maryland Meat and Seafood Guide is available free to the public at regional libraries, welcome centers and participating producers. View or download the guide on the ‘Get the Guides’ page and see a list of regional pick-up sites at ‘What’s New/News and Announcements’ at SMADC.com.  

The Southern Maryland Meat and Seafood Guide is made possible in part by the Rural Maryland Council (RMC) through a Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund grant.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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