By: Potomac Speedway via Facebook

Bucky’s sister posted today that bucky had his right foot amputated about halfway up to the knee. At this time is he doing as well as can be expected. More surgeries will be needed in the future.

From Potomac Speedway:

Good afternoon race fans,

Last night an accident took place at the speedway. Our turn 4 flagman, Bucky Bellere, was struck by a UCar during the UCar feature. After being airlifted to the hospital he suffered a major leg injury.

We are asking for prayers for him and for his recovery as he has worked many years at Potomac Speedway. Thank you for all the support and we will be putting something together for him at a later date. I’m unable to put into words how saddened we are at what happened but we are thankful he is alive and did not suffer anything worse.

Please pray for Bucky and the UCar drivers involved. Thank you to the medics and other Potomac Speedway employees.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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