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Prince Frederick, MD- Calvert Health System is pleased to announce Theodore “Ted” Tsangaris, MD, MBA, FACS will be joining the CalvertHealth team as Chief Medical Officer and Program Director, Cancer Center on September 9. Widely respected as one of the region’s most skilled and experienced breast cancer surgeons, Dr. Tsangaris has more than 30 years of clinical expertise in oncology, including leadership positions at some of the nation’s top academic medical centers.

Since 2012, he has served as Chief of Breast Surgery at Sidney Kimmel Medical College and Surgical Director of Jefferson Breast Care Center in Philadelphia, a national center noted for its work on the forefront of breast cancer research and treatment.

For 10 years, he was Director of the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center and Chief of Breast Surgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Before arriving at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2002, Dr. Tsangaris served as Associate Chief of Breast Surgery, Director of Breast Center, at Roswell Park Cancer Institute from 1990-1992. He was Chief of Breast Surgery, Director of Breast Center, George Washington University Medical Center from 1993-1997 and Georgetown University Medical Center from 1997-2002.

“I am really looking forward to being part of this exciting new chapter in cancer care at CalvertHealth. I believe we have an opportunity to do something really special here,” said Dr. Tsangaris, who is a highly-sought after speaker, lecturer and consultant on breast cancer. Specializing in nipple-sparing mastectomy, he has co-authored more than 50-peer reviewed research articles on breast cancer biopsy, diagnosis and treatment, and is an author of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology: Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis. “I think we can be as good as anybody and still maintain what makes Calvert so special – and that’s the sense of community.”

Having served as interim medical director of the breast center after the passing of Dr. Sheldon Goldberg in 2011, he is very aware of the “genetics” of CalvertHealth. “The hospital and the people here are committed to outstanding care,” said Dr. Tsangaris. “They want this place to be the best it can be and want patients to choose Calvert with confidence.”

His addition as the Chief Medical Officer as well as a strategic leader of the medical center’s cancer program has been lauded and embraced as an essential step in CalvertHealth bringing the best contemporary oncology care to a community setting.

“We could have no better partner and team leader in this effort than Dr. Tsangaris,” said CalvertHealth Cancer Committee Chairman Dr. Kenneth Abbott. “Nationally recognized as a leader in his specialty, he brings to CalvertHealth a reputation for top quality, dedication to patients, tireless work and academic respectability. Having him join our program,” continued Dr. Abbott, “is like a sports team signing the number one draft pick. There is much excitement ahead and deservedly so.”

Dr. Tsangaris is very clear about what he describes as the “big idea” for CalvertHealth’s cancer program. “I want the people of Southern Maryland to feel if they or a member of their family had cancer there is no other place they need to go for that care.” He also wants people who live outside the area to consider coming here, too.

He said he realizes the true value of what he calls the intangible qualities. “At CalvertHealth, somebody is going to come up and ask how you’re doing and look at you like you’re more than a number in a clinical trial. When you’re cared for here, it feels safe. It feels like home.”

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