By: W.A. Davis, St. Mary’s Arts Council

We are quite a creative community – from an array of colorful cultural festivals and musical performances held year-round throughout St. Mary’s County, concerts and events at the Leonardtown Arts & Entertainment District, live music at the restaurants and bars, film and theater festivals, art classes & workshops, galleries and small shops, our artists have so much to offer!

But what happens when a pandemic hits? Cancellations abound and artists are left without gigs, workshops are canceled, events are postponed indefinitely, shops and galleries close, and the “new normal” doesn’t feel normal at all.

Staying at home is now a legal must as we fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As opportunities shut down, most artists are still busy. Busy writing new songs and musical compositions. Busy drawing, dancing, designing, writing, creating. Busy painting their own doors and flinging them wide open.

Keeping “The Arts” alive during a difficult and challenging time period may not be easy sometimes but we are a determined and outside-of-the-box thinking bunch. The St. Mary’s County Arts Council website has been newly updated to feature our community members, along with those with strong ties to our area, who are virtually sharing their talents.

We welcome all to visit www.stmarysartscouncil.comfor lists of resources for online concerts and performances, tutorials, lessons, workshops, art challenges, “Art To Go” kits, podcasts and radio talk shows, and much more.

We hope that by creating this compilation we are able to highlight the many talented individuals and groups of our area who have contributed so much to the local arts scene through their hard work, dedication as creators and performers, and to support our neighbors and friends who are facing tough times right now. (Please keep in mind that during the given circumstances changes may be made to programs after this publication, links are provided for each artist for updated info).

If you are a St. Mary’s County (or with ties to this area) artist offering virtual content and would like to be included in our listings please contact us by email at:

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