Automated 24/7 access will satisfy filing requirements

News Release, Office of the Comptroller of Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (May 15, 2020) –Businesses temporarily closed due to COVID-19 are encouraged to take advantage of the Comptroller of Maryland’s Business TeleFile system. This automated system is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week and streamlines the filing of sales and use tax, as well as withholding taxes when no taxes are owed for a filing period.

One phone call, placed at the convenience of the filer, prevents unnecessary delinquent notices and keeps them focused on operations and sales.

“Businesses have been hit hard by this pandemic and they don’t need any undue burden placed upon them,” Comptroller Franchot said. “Business TeleFile is the fastest, easiest way to meet filing requirements, while allowing owners to focus on re-opening their businesses and keep Maryland’s economy going.”

The process is straightforward. Businesses simply need their 8-digit Maryland central registration number when they call410-260-7225to file zero tax due employer withholding or sales and use tax reports by telephone.

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David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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