LA PLATA, MD (December 17, 2020) – Maryland Diaper Bank (MDB) has partnered with UM Charles Regional Medical Center’s (CRMC) Labor and Delivery Unit to deliver their Mommy Postpartum Boxes to local moms. 

MDB is a nonprofit organization founded in 2018 that provides basic diaper needs to stimulate health, growth, and good hygiene for babies in Maryland.

“We decided that this year we wanted to do something different. We thought about all of the moms and babies that may be suffering during the pandemic and we wanted to create something that would impact moms in our community,” said Shelly Tucker, Executive Director of MDB. 

Tucker notes that during the time of social distancing, the support systems that usually promote mental health during the vulnerable transition into motherhood, such as social support from family and friends, are absent. In addition, mothers must enforce self-isolation practices to protect both themselves and the baby from possible exposure to COVID-19. This makes mothers at even higher risk of developing mental health issues, such as postpartum depression.

“We wanted to hopefully reduce the likeness of postpartum depression for moms. Normally, we provide diapers to families who need them through our local partners, but this time we wanted a partnership that would reach moms at the source,” Tucker explained. “We thought about reaching out to local doctors’ offices, but wanted to take it a step further.  So we reached out to CRMC’s Labor and Delivery unit and I am so thankful that they decided to move forward with this partnership.”

“We partnered with the MDB because it’s a great way to show that the entire community cares about mommies and babies both during and after the pregnancy,” said Monique Smalls-Dillard, MSN, RN-CE, CRMC Nurse Manager Women’s Services. “Our moms absolutely love the postpartum gift box.”

Each Postpartum Box contains self-care items such as face masks, journals, pens, healthy snacks, gum, lip gloss, and keep sake for mom. 

“It has been a total success; our goal was to deliver at least 100 boxes to our local moms before December 15th and we are 70% of the way there,” said Tucker. “We will be delivering at least one more time. I’m so grateful to have this partnership that has impacted moms during this holiday season in our community.”

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