Pests are probably one of the greatest annoyances in Southern Maryland. They will not only turn your home life into a constant struggle, but they also cause and spread many diseases that you want nothing to have to do with. They will ruin your food and water, as well as find other ways to threaten the safe living conditions of your home.

In this article, we have compiled a list of ways using which you can effectively combat these pests. The more you know, the better prepared you will be, so read on to find out more about pest repellers and how to deal with pests.

1. Be Perceptive

Knowing what to look for will help you notice signs of an invasion before it actually happens. For example, ants, due to their militaristic nature, will often send out scouts to look for places to set up shop. So, when you see even a couple of ants in your house, it might be time to bust out the anti-pest precautions.

Similarly, standing water has traditionally been the breeding ground for mosquitoes. You should check and change the water in birdbaths, tree houses, and catch basins. Wood is also home to termites, so keep firewood well away from your house. While you do that, also take care that foliage from nearby trees doesn’t touch your house – these serve as natural bridges for bugs.

2. Keep Them Out

No house comes with bugs – unless you are very, very unlucky. Bugs will almost always lay siege from outdoors, and your job is to keep them there. Anything that connects your house to the great outdoors is a possible entryway – doors, windows, chimneys, vents, pipes, and everything else you can think of.

The best you can do is stay on the lookout for possible entryways for bugs and plug them up as soon as you need them. For smaller gaps, using caulk is a good idea. Use steel wool for the big ones, bigger than 5 mm.

3. Practice Good Hygiene and Cleanliness

Bugs are attracted to messes. There are really no two ways about it. So, the best way to deter bugs from moving in is to keep your house in mint condition. Wipe surfaces, get rid of crumbs, and vacuum regularly – at least once a week. Try to throw out your trash daily, or failing that, make sure your recycle bin is properly closed or sealed.

Cockroaches, in particular, gather in dank, lightless environments where there is an abundance of paper. So, minimize the amount of newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, bags, etc., that you put in one place at any given time.

4. Take Away Their Food

One of the main reasons why bugs make a home in your house is the abundance of food everywhere. Keep them locked away in airtight containers and glass jars. Better yet, keep your grub in the refrigerator.

This also applies to fresh fruit. Sure, they look great on the table, but they’re also ripe for the taking. Fruit flies are not your friends. While you’re at it, keep your eye on your pet bowls, too, if you have any. Leftovers should be cleaned out. Otherwise, they make for a nice place for ants to dig in.

5. Water Cannot Stand

As we discussed earlier, standing water is a great home for mosquitoes. However, the inside of your house can also have standing water. The main culprit is water left standing in a sink full of unwashed dishes, but there are other places to look at as well.

Leaky pipes in the kitchen and bathroom should be fixed at the earliest. Even dank environments like attics and basements can attract bugs – especially cockroaches. If you find excessive moisture in your house, consider buying a dehumidifier.

6. Use Neem Oil

Neem is a well-known pesticide and is used as a cure for many ailments. You can spray neem oil on indoor plants – this does nothing to the plants but rings the death knell for over 200 species of insects.

Though this is more difficult to find, putting a twig of neem – with leaves still attached – in between pages of books keeps them free of malicious bookworms as well.

7. Lavender Keeps Insects Away

The scent of lavender is not only beautiful, but it also keeps insects away. Placing sachets of dried lavender in closets or spraying lavender essence on surfaces while cleaning will repel the most common and annoying kinds of insects – flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and moths. Plus, it makes your home smell really fresh, so there really is no downside to this.

8. Hire Professional Exterminators

There will always be more insects than humans, and when faced with a veritable horde of marauding pests, there is little you can do. When you know you are outmatched, it is best to call in a licensed professional to take away your problems.

At the end of the day, your home is your zone of safety and security. Let nothing take that away from you.

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