La Plata, MD- Charles County Government is excited to announce a partnership with the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development for the Westdale Drive Stream Relocation and Restoration Project.  A Community Development Block Grant of $800,000 has been awarded to assist with the climate-related nuisance flooding in the area. 

This project seeks to relocate the stream near Westdale Drive to protect the adjoining Acton Village residents from further property damages due to flooding and to protect the stream valley and downstream area receiving water bodies from ongoing erosion within the existing stream. The restoration of the stream will increase the water quality and wildlife habitat as well.

“The State of Maryland is proud to administer funding for this important floodwater mitigation effort to protect the Acton Village community of Charles County,” said Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Secretary Kenneth C. Holt, “This project is a great example of  the Community Development Block Grant’s versatility in responding to the individual infrastructure and redevelopment needs of Maryland’s unique communities and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to support local revitalization goals.”

The recently formed Charles County Resiliency Authority addresses significant community issues related to climate change. The Authority will lead this project through completion, addressing both the natural conservation needs and climate change mitigation.

County Administrator Mark Belton said, “It is rewarding to see the State and County come together to recognize the importance of addressing the effects of climate-related nuisance flooding on our neighborhoods.” 

The project has an estimated completion date of September 2023.  The Maryland Community Development Block Grant application is available at  To learn more about the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, visit

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