Calvert Middle School Teacher of the Year: Lynne Beahm

Calvert Middle School Teacher of the Year: Lynne Beahm

From Principal Rebecca Bowen: Lynne Beahm is a true advocate for all children. As a special educator, she collaborates with her general education counterparts to ensure that all students receive a rigorous and relevant education.

You can often find Mrs. Beahm planning with other members of the 7th-grade team well before 8:00 a.m. and well after 3:30 p.m. If she is not planning, she is working with students to ensure that they have the supports they need to be successful. Mrs. Beahm is an active member of the Calvert Middle School community, serving as our Special Education Lead Teacher, member of the School Improvement Team, and member of the Inclusion Team.

Mrs. Beahm’s success as a teacher is due in no small part to her work ethic. Her lessons show signs of meticulous planning, and Mrs. Beahm consistently demonstrates a sound foundation of content knowledge and pedagogy. Her willingness to try new strategies and ideas that promote rigor is to be commended.

One student commented, “If it were not for Mrs. Beahm, I would have failed. I give up easily, but you can’t do that with her — and I mean ever. She pushes me to do my best, and I don’t always have that. She cares about me.”

Her dedication to her students and community knows no limits, and CMS is blessed to have Mrs. Lynne Beahm as part of our family.

Calvert Middle School Educational Support Professional of the Year: Rachel Hautmann

Calvert Middle School Educational Support Professional of the Year: Rachel Hautmann

From Principal Rebecca Bowen: Rachel Hautmann can be described in one word — student-centered. If a student needs some extra support with a class, Mrs. Hautmann is the first to offer her assistance. If a student needs a mentor to help with the adjustment to virtual learning, Mrs. Hautmann is right there.

If a student just needs someone to listen and a shoulder to lean on, Mrs. Hautmann is usually one of the first choices of any child. To say that she goes above and beyond really does not speak to her dedication to the students of Calvert Middle School.

At one point, we were in need of a temporary teacher for a regional special education program, and Mrs. Hautmann offered her services within the blink of an eye. The students in that program did not go without because of Rachel Hautmann. If there were more hours in the day, I am sure that she would offer to tutor and mentor additional students, without seeking anything in return.

One staff member stated, “Rachel makes it all look so easy…I really don’t know how she does it. Between running this intervention, pushing into that class, and still making time to work with individual students, she is what I hope to become.

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