Waldorf, MD- On June 25 at 9:40 a.m., officers responded to the La Petite Daycare Center in the 100 block of Smallwood Drive in Waldorf for the report of suspicious activity.

Investigation revealed a four-year-old girl had just exited her mother’s car and was walking toward an employee who was at the entrance of the building. An unknown male drove into the parking lot, got out of his vehicle, and began walking toward the girl. She entered the building and the man tried to follow her inside; however, the employee blocked his path, pushed the man away, and told the man to leave, which he did.

As the man was leaving, he yelled out that he thought the girl was his niece and that he was mistaken. The girl’s mother indicated she did not know the man and no one at the daycare center recognized him. Officers are trying to identify the man to determine his reasoning for being at the location.

The man is described as black, in his forties, 5’11”, thin, bald, and wearing a camouflage face mask, dark sunglasses, loose jeans, and a gray t-shirt. He was driving a gold or champagne-colored Nissan SUV or crossover style (possibly Murano) with Maryland tags. The tag possibly included the characters G, 5, and M, but it is unknown the order or if the characters were first or last. Either the driver’s door or the driver’s side rear door was missing its handle. No other unusual activities have been reported.

Anyone with additional information is asked to call Detective McMullen at 301-609-6515. The investigation is ongoing.

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