(Waldorf, MD, January 27, 2022) The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs announced their revamped 2022 Job Fair on Thursday afternoon. The Job Fair will take place on Saturday, March 19th from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM. In addition to job openings such as ticket takers, ticket sellers, parking attendants, customer service representatives, bat boys/girls, video camera crew workers, grounds crew, kid’s park attendants, cleaning crew, and other positions, the Blue Crabs are also in search of Southern Maryland’s most entertaining and talented individuals to fill their brand new “Crabby Daddies” and “Hype Squad” positions.

The Crabby Daddies will serve as the team’s ushers but will be no average ushers. This crew of men and women will assist Ron Lord the Tye Dye Guy is making gamedays more exciting and fun, serving less as ushers, and more as entertainers. Whether you have a special hidden talent, are an actor, magician, thespian, stand-up comedian, improv actor, or simply an entertaining person, the Blue Crabs want you!

At the Blue Crabs Job Fair on March 19th, applicants will have the chance to perform an up to five-minute skit. This skit will consist of five minutes of entertainment and engagement to earn your spot on Ron’s crew, showing how you’d entertain a section of fans during a game. The Blue Crabs are looking for fun, charismatic, engaging individuals with the ability to make fans’ gameday experience more enjoyable. Skits could also be an improv act in a character created by the applicant (princess, gym teacher, surfer, etc.). Applicants are encouraged to be creative in their skits.

For those unable to make it for an in-person audition, please submit a clip here shorturl.at/jmCM9.

The Blue Crabs Hype Squad is another new position being filled at March 19th’s Job Fair. The Hype Squad will consist of talented gymnasts, parkour enthusiasts, free runners, stuntmen, and other skilled individuals of all ages that will pump up the crowd through exciting stunts such as backflips, cartwheels, and much more. If you think you have what it takes to join the Blue Crabs Hype Squad, come show out at the Blue Crabs Job Fair.

For those unable to make it for an in-person audition, please submit a clip here shorturl.at/fCLWZ.

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