Summer jobs are a great way to pass the time, earn some money, and develop vital skills beneficial for your future career. Depending on which stage of your career you’re at, you may have different demands for a summer role. For example, suppose you’re a recent high school graduate or a college student. In that case, you might search for a short-term role. In contrast, more seasoned professionals may search for longer-term development opportunities. Regardless of what you’re searching for, Southern Maryland has a range of great summer jobs. 

Before you start your job search, it’s essential to update your resume. This ensures that you provide the hiring manager with up-to-date information about your critical skills and relevant experience. To help you create a great resume, consider reviewing good examples of a resume for inspiration. 

This article discusses some of the best-paying summer job salaries, including the most popular summer jobs you can apply for today!

Summer Job Salaries

As is the nature of seasonal work, summer jobs tend to orientate around the weather and how popular the area is for tourists. Nestled on the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay, Southern Maryland is popular in the summer months for tourists who want to soak in the state parks and various natural attractions. 

Alternatively, many summer jobs cater to child care and youth work, so many of the most high-paying jobs will be in this area. Here are some of the annual salaries for the highest paying summer jobs in the Southern Maryland region: 

  • Summer camp counselor: $35,627 
  • Cashier: $30,445
  • Tutoring: $54,108 
  • Housekeeper: $44,499 
  • Summer lifeguard: $34,675 
  • Golf course grounds crew: $38,803 
  • Sales manager: $48,148

Some of these roles might require extensive experience or prior certification to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and industry knowledge. Some of these roles are also senior or managerial, meaning they understandably earn a higher salary than some entry-level opportunities. 

These salaries will vary depending on the candidate’s skill and experience level. This is because candidates with additional hard skills and previous experience may be able to negotiate higher pay with more employee benefits. 

Most Popular Summer Jobs in Southern Maryland 

If you don’t have lots of experience to qualify for a managerial or senior role, then don’t worry. Many other popular summer jobs in the Southern Maryland region allow you to develop the necessary skills to progress to this level. 

While some of these roles may earn less, candidates may have the chance to take on additional shifts or fulfill extra responsibilities that allow them to make more money. Some of these roles are customer-facing, so you may also make additional income via tips. Here are some examples of annual salaries for popular summer jobs in Southern Maryland: 

  • Fast food attendant: $30,813 
  • Library assistant: $31,253
  • Shop helper: $37,251 

Tips for Securing a Summer Job in Southern Maryland 

Here are some tips for securing a summer job in Southern Maryland: 

Read the job description.

Before applying for a job or preparing your resume, consider thoroughly proofreading the job description. This can help you select the right keywords to navigate applicant tracking systems (ATS). 

Prepare a great resume. 

A good way of catching the hiring manager’s attention is to create a stand-out resume that addresses the hiring manager’s expectations of the ideal candidate. Consider using your resume objective and skills section to do this. 

Proofread your resume.

Once you have prepared your resume, proofread it before submitting it. This ensures you don’t include spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. 

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