Just before 5:00 P.M. on November 23, 2022, Charles County 911 Center received a call from the homeowner on Harmony Farm Place reporting his house was on fire.

The “structure fire assignment” was immediately dispatched and while en route, units were advising smoke was visible in the area of the address. E11 arrived moments after the dispatch, confirming a “working fire” in the 3-story structure and conducting the 360 size-up. Chief 12A (Sutter) arrived and assumed command requesting working fire dispatch and water supply task force to assist with the water supply to the fire ground.

Operations were assigned to Chief 1 (Sekuterski), water supply was established and assigned to Chief 14 (Jacobs), and the fill site was set up at Lowe’s with Chief 7A (Gimmel) in charge.

SMECO arrived to secure the electricity; Fire Marshal’s Office was on the scene for their investigation, and no injuries were reported. As of this hour, units are still on the scene cleaning up.

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