President Joe Biden’s approval rating on the economy has fallen to 34%, according to a new poll released by Gallup on Tuesday. The rating comes as inflation remains elevated, driving up the costs of all kinds of goods and services for Americans, particularly food and energy costs.

Biden has been touting unemployment rates, which have remained relatively low. However, this has not helped his overall approval rating, which currently sits at 42%, much lower than his 57% approval rating upon taking office.

Gallup’s polling data also shows that Biden’s work on the pandemic is seen in a better light, with a 53% approval rating. However, the poll revealed that Biden’s approval ratings for handling the seven issues are politically polarized, much like his overall job rating.

Solid majorities of Democrats approve of the job Biden is doing overall and on all of the issues measured, ranging from 62% on immigration to 85% on the coronavirus. However, Biden received poor marks on his relationship with China and immigration, with 32% and 33% approval ratings, respectively.

Gallup argues that Biden’s approval rating figures are too low for him to win re-election, should he decide to seek it. “Although Biden has not formally announced that he will seek reelection, he is expected to do so and would likely need higher approval ratings to win another term,” Gallup said.

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