Hughesville, MD – Lila, a 6-year-old feline with a confident and cheeky personality, is in search of a loving home. Despite her round physique, Lila is a highly active cat who loves bird watching and socializing with her humans.

According to the Charles County Animal Care Center, Lila is a very social girl who loves to sit next to her humans on the couch while they shower her with attention. She has previously lived with another cat and is very content sharing her space. Lila is also known for being a tidy cat who enjoys a clean bathroom.

While Lila may be a bit on the heavier side, weighing in at 19 pounds, this does not slow her down. In fact, she remains highly active for her age and is always up for a good play session. Her affectionate and confident personality makes her an ideal companion for those looking for a furry friend to share their home with.

The Charles County Animal Care Center is encouraging those interested in adopting Lila to visit her during their adoption hours, which run from Monday to Saturday from 12:30-3 pm. Those interested can find the animal care center at 6707 Animal Shelter Road, Hughesville, MD 20637. Alternatively, they can contact the center via phone at 301-932-1713 or email at for more information.

Lila’s adoption is just one of many opportunities available to those looking to add a furry friend to their family. The Charles County Animal Care Center offers a wide range of cats, dogs, and other animals in search of loving homes. All animals available for adoption have been thoroughly screened and are in good health, ensuring that families can welcome their new furry friend with confidence.

The adoption process at the Charles County Animal Care Center is straightforward and designed to ensure that both the animal and the adopting family are a good match for one another. Prospective adopters must fill out an application and go through a screening process that includes a home visit to ensure that the animal will have a safe and loving environment to call home.

Lila is an adorable feline with a cheeky and confident personality who is in search of a loving home. Those interested in adopting Lila, or any of the other animals available at the Charles County Animal Care Center, are encouraged to visit the center during their adoption hours or contact the center for more information. Adopting a furry friend is a wonderful way to bring joy and love into one’s home while also helping animals in need find their forever homes.

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