Meet Grizzley, a six-year-old male Mastiff mix weighing 102.3 lbs. This tan and black furry friend is looking for a loving home to spend his days taking walks or cuddling on the couch. Currently at the Charles County Animal Care Center, Grizzley is ready to be sprung from the shelter and embrace spring with his new family.

Grizzley was described by shelter staff as a very nice dog, who passed his assessment with flying colors. According to the shelter, Grizzley “explores the room-bouncy, gives attention to the tester,” and “he enjoyed the handling.” Grizzley was also curious when tested with other dogs, but he stopped eating during his food test.

Despite his size and weight, Grizzley is described as friendly, and his staff believes he would make an excellent companion. He is deserving of a great home and family that would love to spend time with him.

Interested adopters are welcome to meet Grizzley during adoption hours from Monday to Saturday, between 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm. The Charles County Animal Care Center is located at 6707 Animal Shelter Road, Hughesville, MD 20637.

For more information about Grizzley, you can contact the shelter directly by calling 301-932-1713 or emailing at

The Charles County Animal Care Center encourages potential adopters to visit the shelter and take their time to interact with the animals. The facility aims to create a positive experience for the animals and the people who adopt them. Adopting an animal from a shelter provides a new opportunity for the animal to have a happy life with a loving family.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), adopting animals from shelters has numerous benefits. It saves lives, improves animal welfare, and helps people find a loving companion. The adoption fee also helps to provide financial support to the shelter, allowing them to care for more animals in need.

The ASPCA also notes that the majority of shelter animals are healthy and are already house trained. Additionally, many shelters provide animals with some basic training, making the adoption process easier for the new owners.

The adoption process involves filling out an application, talking with an adoption counselor, and providing personal and veterinarian references. Potential adopters are encouraged to bring any family members and pets they already have, to ensure compatibility with the new pet.

In conclusion, Grizzley is a friendly Mastiff mix, who is looking for a loving home. The Charles County Animal Care Center is excited to find him a forever family who can provide him with a happy life. If you are looking for a loyal companion to spend your days with, consider visiting Grizzley at the shelter during adoption hours.

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