On April 2, 2023, at approximately 1302, Waldorf Company 3 received an emergency dispatch call for a brush fire in Company 12’s first due. Within minutes, the situation was escalated to a structure fire, requiring the urgent response of local firefighters.

Waldorf Company 3, led by Chief 3 and Chief 3B, swiftly mobilized to the 9000 block of Proctor Place to tackle the inferno. The response included two engines – E33 with four crew members and E34 with two – as well as additional personnel.

As firefighters arrived at the scene, they were confronted with a challenging situation. Multiple trailers and vehicles were ablaze, creating a high-risk environment for firefighters.

RE12 was the first to arrive on the scene and assessed the situation. E33 arrived shortly after and supplied RE12 with water. The combined crew of E33 and E34 then worked tirelessly to extinguish the fire and conduct overhaul operations, with other teams providing support as needed.

The firefighting operation was a challenging one and continued for approximately two hours. Despite the difficulties, the firefighters remained steadfast in their efforts to bring the blaze under control.

Throughout the firefighting operation, Chief 3 took command, ensuring that all firefighters operated safely and effectively. Their dedication and professionalism paid off, as they were able to contain the fire and prevent any significant damage to the surrounding area.

As the situation was brought under control, Bryans Road Engine Tanker 11 arrived on the scene to support Waldorf Company 3. The engine tanker filled in at Company 3, enabling the firefighters to continue their efforts to control the blaze.

Overall, the firefighting operation was a success, with the Waldorf firefighters displaying exemplary professionalism and dedication. The incident highlights the importance of maintaining a strong and responsive emergency response service, capable of addressing any situation quickly and effectively.

In the aftermath of the incident, investigations will be conducted to determine the cause of the fire and assess any damage incurred. However, the swift response of Waldorf Company 3 and their successful efforts to contain the blaze have undoubtedly prevented a potentially catastrophic situation.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/EditorEditor-in-Chief

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