Residents of District 29C in Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties have a fantastic opportunity to apply for the 2023-24 Delegate Scholarship. The renewable scholarship is available to anyone attending an in-state-approved trade school, community college, university, graduate school, dental school, veterinary school, medical school, or law school, regardless of their age or year in school.

The scholarship has broad acceptance criteria, making it a unique opportunity for students in the district. However, those attending out-of-state schools must have a unique major not offered in Maryland to apply. They must complete the Unique Major Application and submit the documents to the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

For those attending trade or private career schools, the list of approved schools is available on the Maryland Higher Education Commission’s website.

The application deadline for the scholarship is April 30, 2023. To apply, residents need to confirm that they live in District 29C and complete the application, which is available online. Applicants must also submit a cover letter explaining why they should receive the scholarship, a copy of their transcript (if available), and a copy of their FAFSA. The documents can be mailed to Delegate Morgan’s local address, PO Box 865, Solomons, MD 2065, or emailed to

Delegate Morgan’s office is available to answer any questions about the scholarship. Applicants can call 410-841-3319 or email

The Delegate Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for students in District 29C to receive financial support for their education. The renewable scholarship provides ongoing support throughout the student’s academic career.

Delegate Morgan is committed to supporting the education of the district’s residents, recognizing the significant impact education has on individuals and communities. The Delegate Scholarship is just one of the ways he is working to support education in the district.

As the deadline for the scholarship quickly approaches, eligible students are encouraged to apply and take advantage of this unique opportunity to receive ongoing support for their education.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/EditorEditor-in-Chief

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