Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Proctor has been named a 2023 honoree for two law enforcement officer of the year awards. The St. Mary’s County Triad/SALT Council Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and the Optimists Respect for Law banquet are honoring Proctor for her outstanding work as a prosecutor.

“These awards are a testament to Sarah’s incredible service to crime victims and our community. Sarah embodies all the qualities and characteristics of a passionate and determined advocate as she tirelessly seeks justice while upholding the law,” said State’s Attorney Jaymi Sterling.

Proctor joined the Office of the State’s Attorney for St. Mary’s County in 2020, where she has prosecuted complex cases ranging from special victims to homicides. In January 2023, Proctor was named Chief of the Special Victims Unit, leading a specialized team dedicated to serving the most vulnerable victims and prosecuting some of the most heinous crimes. Proctor has successfully prosecuted several high-profile cases, including the killing of a six-year-old child and her mother, as well as various sex crimes against multiple children.

One of Proctor’s recent cases involved the Supreme Court of Maryland in a case of first impression, which affirmed convictions against a substitute teacher for child sexual abuse of a minor. Proctor artfully prosecuted the case, expanding the inclusion of what may be considered impermissible conduct, whether the conduct occurred on campus or off-campus regarding the sexual exploitation of a child.

“When I think of the people whose lives have benefited from Sarah’s tenacious and skillful prosecutions, I am deeply appreciative. Prosecuting violent crimes is hard work, and our community deserves excellent efforts like Sarah delivers,” said State’s Attorney Sterling.

The St. Mary’s County Triad/SALT Council Law Enforcement Appreciation Day will take place on May 4th. This award recognizes law enforcement officers, agencies, and citizens who have made outstanding contributions to improve the quality of life for senior citizens. The Optimists Respect for Law banquet will take place on May 5th. This award is given to members of the law enforcement community who have demonstrated exemplary service to their profession and communities.

Proctor’s dedication to justice and serving the community has not gone unnoticed. She is a valuable asset to the Office of the State’s Attorney for St. Mary’s County and a role model for aspiring prosecutors. Her passion and determination to seek justice for victims are evident in her work, and her recognition with these two awards is well-deserved.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/EditorEditor-in-Chief

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