Ocean City, MD – Senior Deputy State Fire Marshal Michael Redding has been selected as the Bomb Squad nominee for Deputy State Fire Marshal of the Year. The prestigious award will be presented at the upcoming Maryland State Fireman’s Convention in Ocean City later this month. Redding’s exceptional career in public safety and his contributions to the Office of the State Fire Marshal have earned him this esteemed recognition.

With a remarkable background in fire investigation and bomb disposal, Senior Deputy Redding brings a wealth of experience and technical leadership to his role. Having served as a captain with Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, he pursued extensive training and certification to become a fire investigator and bomb technician. After 30 years of dedicated service, Redding retired as a senior section supervisor and Bomb Squad Commander.

In July 2018, Redding joined the Office of the State Fire Marshal, where he continues to demonstrate his expertise and dedication. As the High Explosives Inventory Officer and Chief Pilot of the OSFM Special Operations Group’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Redding has played a pivotal role in enhancing fire investigation units’ capabilities across the state. Through the use of aerial scene photography, crime scene surveillance, and bomb squad downrange viewpoints, Redding’s program has significantly improved personnel safety and operational efficiency.

Deputy Chief Duane K. Svites, the Bomb Squad Commander, praised Redding’s outstanding performance, saying, “The constant changes, daily fluctuation, and priorities can be overwhelming some days. Senior Deputy Redding brings experience and service to the Bomb Squad. His flexibility to get the job done exhibits exceptional performance. With his professionalism, he provides attention to detail and embraces the opportunity to educate the public about what we do.”

Moreover, Senior Deputy Redding actively supports the mission of the Maryland State Police and the Office of the State Fire Marshal as the handler of Hero Dogs K9 “Sandy.” Named after Deputy Chief Sander Cohen, who tragically lost his life in the line of duty in 2017, Sandy has become a well-known and invaluable member of the team. Throughout the year, she has received 24 requests for her services, further solidifying her reputation throughout the state.

In addition to his official duties, Redding and his wife selflessly dedicate their time to Hero Dogs, a program that provides stress relief for public safety employees during and after critical incidents. They also contribute to fire safety and public education programs, as well as facilitate outreach opportunities for the department. This is the second Hero Dog they have raised, with their first, Hero Dog Tahoe, actively helping victims of domestic assault.

Deputy Chief Svites commended Redding and his family for their altruism, stating, “Senior Deputy Redding and his family unselfishly give their time to Hero Dogs and all those touched by it. This effort speaks to his commitment to mental health and welfare and his compassion for this profession.”

Senior Deputy Michael Redding’s nomination for the Deputy State Fire Marshal of the Year Award reflects his outstanding contributions to public safety and his unwavering dedication to the Office of the State Fire Marshal. The award ceremony at the Maryland State Fireman’s Convention will undoubtedly be a well-deserved recognition of his remarkable career and service to the community.

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