In recognition of their commitment to creating safe learning environments for students, during its meeting this past Wednesday, the St. Mary’s County Board of Education saluted the School Resource Officers (SRO) and school security staff from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. Of notable mention was Deputy First Class Artina Alvey, who earned the distinction of School Resource Officer of the Year for the 2022-2023 academic term.

Alvey, who serves as the SRO at Margaret Brent Middle School, was praised for her exceptional work ethic, dedication to student advocacy, and for her unrivaled ability to maintain a calm, professional demeanor when dealing with potentially volatile situations.

“Deputy Alvey has been an exemplary employee, a trusted colleague, and an advocate for our students and their families,” said F. Michael Wyant, Chief of Safety and Security for St. Mary’s County Public Schools. Wyant relayed these remarks while reading Margaret Brent Middle School’s official nomination for Alvey.

The nomination additionally noted Alvey’s crucial role in the school community, stating, “She helps to de-escalate students calmly and professionally. She’s an integral and trusted part of the school community, providing mentorship and a sense of safety.”

The commendation bestowed upon Alvey and the rest of the security team underscores the important work of school security officers, who serve as safeguards against potential threats and as valuable resources and mentors for students. Their presence within the educational infrastructure fosters a secure atmosphere where learning can thrive unhindered.

During the meeting, J. Scott Smith, Superintendent of Schools, also extended his appreciation to the officers and the Department of Safety and Security staff. Smith underscored these professionals’ invaluable role in ensuring student safety, allowing educators to focus on the essential task of imparting knowledge.

“Thank you very much for all you do every single day to make sure that we can get on with the business of educating children because we know they are safe within our schools,” Smith said.

The efforts of Alvey and her fellow SROs serve as a testament to the importance of security personnel in the educational sphere. It’s clear from the acclaim they received at the Wednesday meeting that their contributions to St. Mary’s County Schools extend beyond mere security, impacting the very essence of the educational experience in a positive, meaningful way.

As the 2022-2023 school year progresses, Alvey and the rest of the security team will continue to provide a safe, nurturing environment for St. Mary’s County students. Their work ensures that each day of learning is productive and secure, promoting a sense of safety and community within the schools. Their efforts highlight the significance of school security and serve as a model for other districts nationwide.

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