Luis Manuel Nieto, 28 Credit: Charles County Sheriff’s Office

Waldorf, MD – A routine traffic stop in Waldorf on June 22 led to the arrest of a Florida man after officers discovered suspected cannabis and a loaded firearm inside his vehicle. Luis Manuel Nieto, 28, now faces charges of transporting a loaded firearm in a vehicle. Nieto was subsequently released on a $3,000 unsecured bond following an order by a district court commissioner on June 23.

The incident occurred at approximately 7:21 p.m. when officers initiated a traffic stop near Smallwood Drive and Old Washington Road. Upon approaching the driver, Officer Brown immediately detected a strong odor of burnt cannabis emanating from the vehicle. This prompted further investigation by law enforcement.

During the subsequent search, officers uncovered suspected cannabis and a loaded firearm within the vehicle. The discovery led to the immediate arrest of Nieto, a resident of Florida. The driver was promptly charged with transporting a loaded firearm in a vehicle, a serious offense with significant legal repercussions.

Following his arrest, Nieto was taken into custody and transferred to the appropriate law enforcement facility. The case was then assigned to Officer Brown for further investigation.

Today, June 23, a district court commissioner presided over Nieto’s bail hearing. After reviewing the evidence and considering the circumstances, the commissioner granted Nieto the opportunity for release, albeit under certain conditions. Nieto was granted a $3,000 unsecured bond, which requires him to provide a financial guarantee of that amount but does not necessitate an upfront payment. This decision will allow Nieto to secure his temporary freedom while awaiting further legal proceedings.

Officer Brown continues to lead the ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Luis Manuel Nieto. Law enforcement authorities meticulously review the evidence and conduct interviews to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the incident.

Transporting a loaded firearm in a vehicle is a serious offense with severe consequences. These laws are put in place to protect public safety and prevent potential incidents. The discovery of suspected cannabis alongside the loaded firearm further highlights the gravity of the situation, as it raises concerns about potential drug-related activities and their associated risks.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies, remains committed to maintaining the safety and security of the community. Cases such as this serve as a reminder of the dedication and vigilance exhibited by officers to enforce the law and ensure public welfare.

As the investigation progresses, updates may be provided to the public. Citizens are encouraged to cooperate with law enforcement and report any suspicious activities or information that may assist in ongoing investigations.

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