On a high note, the College of Southern Maryland’s (CSM) Talons robotics team concluded their 2022-23 season, securing multiple world championship titles. The talented group of students showcased their skills at the VexU Robotics World Championship, achieving an impressive 13th place ranking in the Skills category with a total high score of 338. They also secured the 20th spot in the Research category. Furthermore, CSM emerged as the highest-scoring community college in all the events in which the Talons participated.

Comprised of exceptional individuals, the winning CSM team consisted of Bailey Burroughs, Jonathan Gross, Hassan Turay, Eli Gerstman, Michael Douglas, Ren Fletcher, Glenn Teeguarden, and Ebin Sebastian. Their journey to the tournament was marked by countless hours spent collaborating, designing, building, and programming two robots capable of swiftly and effectively overcoming challenges posed by formidable opponents.

CSM Associate Dean, Dr. Stephanie McCaslin, praised the team’s dedication to robotics and their studies, as each member excelled in their respective classes. She also commended their exemplary character, emphasizing that every team member was a kind, outstanding student and a true representative of the College of Southern Maryland.

The team’s roster included several highly accomplished scholars. Hassan Turay, a member of the Talons, received the CSM Hawks men’s soccer award. Glenn Teeguarden secured acceptance into Letters & Sciences at the University of Maryland, underscoring his academic prowess. Additionally, Ebin Sebastian was honored with the Engineering Excellence award at CSM’s 2023 Academic Excellence Awards banquet.

Accompanying the CSM Talons to the VexU competition in Dallas, Texas, were faculty coaches Jim Cleary, Ann Stine, and Brian Warnecke from CSM’s Math and Engineering department. Their guidance and support proved instrumental in the team’s success.

The VexU competitions are organized and sponsored by the Robotics Education and Competition (REC) Foundation, which fosters student interest and involvement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

The Talons’ achievements at the VexU Robotics World Championship testify to their exceptional skills, perseverance, and teamwork. As they continue accumulating accolades and contributing to the advancement of robotics, the College of Southern Maryland takes pride in their success. It remains committed to nurturing future generations of STEM enthusiasts.

As the CSM Talons robotics team adds more world championship titles to their trophy case, their dedication and passion for robotics continue to inspire students and enthusiasts alike. With their exceptional performance at the VexU Robotics World Championship, they have firmly established themselves as formidable contenders in the field.

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