Waldorf, MD-A residential property located at 13025 Hickory Ave in Waldorf became the site of a devastating structure fire earlier today. Firefighters from multiple units, including S3, RE12, S836, S840, S824, T1, T825, SQ2, TA836, ETA2, TA840, FTA1, R3, PA37, and CAR1707, responded to the emergency call. The incident resulted in the homeowner being transported to a local hospital for evaluation, while one firefighter sustained injuries but did not require further treatment.

Upon arrival at the scene, units encountered heavy smoke emanating from the basement’s rear access, indicating the fire’s severity. In a swift response, Chief 3C promptly established command and initiated the firefighting operations. The situation has since been controlled, preventing further damage and potential harm to neighboring properties.

The homeowner’s identity has not been disclosed, and their condition remains unknown. The authorities are actively investigating the cause of the fire, although no official statement has been made regarding the origin or possible contributing factors. Fire investigators will thoroughly examine the scene once it is deemed safe.

During the rescue and firefighting efforts, one firefighter sustained injuries. However, the injuries were not severe, and the firefighter did not require additional medical treatment. The firefighter’s identity has not been released, and it is unclear how the injury occurred during the operation.

The safety of the surrounding community was a top priority for the responding units. The prompt and coordinated action taken by the brave firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to neighboring structures, averting a potential catastrophe.

As the investigation continues, residents are urged to remain cautious and vigilant. It serves as a reminder of the importance of fire safety measures, such as maintaining working smoke detectors, readily available fire extinguishers and regularly inspecting electrical systems. The local fire department encourages residents to seek guidance or assistance in implementing these preventative measures.

In conclusion, a structure fire at 13025 Hickory Ave in Waldorf engulfed a house. The responding units’ dedicated efforts successfully controlled the fire. While the homeowner was undergoing evaluation at a local hospital, one firefighter sustained injuries but did not require further treatment. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. This incident highlights the significance of fire safety precautions for all residents, emphasizing the need for preparedness and proactive measures to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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