Annapolis, MD – Governor Wes Moore addressed the 156th class of the Maryland Department of State Police at their graduation ceremony held at Lifepoint Church in Reisterstown. The governor commended the 26 new troopers and stressed the importance of serving with integrity, fairness, and dedication. The state police force is poised to be rebuilt with historic initiatives and investments in public safety to tackle crime across Maryland.

In a momentous graduation ceremony, Governor Wes Moore warmly welcomed the 156th class of the Maryland Department of State Police, honoring the 26 new members and their families and friends. The graduation event, held at Lifepoint Church in Reisterstown, was attended by esteemed law enforcement leaders and local officials.

Addressing the graduates, Governor Moore admired their commitment to service. He acknowledged the dedication that brought them to this day, remarking, “Whether this day was something you hoped would come since you were little or a day that didn’t seem possible just a few years ago: You’ve shown us what it means to serve.” He added, “Your service is a choice—a choice you will make again and again, to serve in the face of hardship, doubt, risk, and fear—and I know you are ready to take on the challenge.”

The rigorous journey undertaken by Class 156 during their 28-week training at the Maryland Department of State Police residential training academy is well-regarded as one of the most intense and comprehensive state police training programs in the country. The trooper candidates underwent extensive instruction covering criminal and traffic laws, emergency care, emergency driving, physical training, and scenario-based training focused on de-escalation and conflict resolution.

During the ceremony, Maryland State Police Superintendent Colonel Roland L. Butler, Jr. emphasized the core values guiding the new troopers’ future endeavors. “Remember the three words you heard throughout your Academy training: Integrity, fairness, and service. They are the core values that will guide you in every decision as a Maryland State Trooper,” Colonel Butler urged. He encouraged the troopers to see every assignment as an opportunity to give back to their community, emphasizing the gratification of meaningful public service.

After a brief leave, the freshly graduated troopers will commence eight weeks of practical instruction with field training troopers in various barracks across Maryland. Upon completing their field training, they will be entrusted to patrol independently, taking on the responsibilities of full-fledged Maryland State Troopers.

In his previous announcements, Governor Moore showcased his commitment to bolstering public safety and reducing crime across the state. The Maryland Department of State Police spearhead initiatives to rebuild and elevate the police force. Key components of this effort include providing cross-jurisdictional resources, fostering a culture that values and rewards effective and ethical law enforcement professionals, and renewing the commitment to transparency.

Moreover, collaboration with state agencies and local partners to leverage data for intelligence sharing and enforcement strategy is essential to the state’s comprehensive approach to law enforcement.

As Maryland witnesses historic investments in public safety, the graduation of the 156th class of the Maryland Department of State Police marks a significant step towards a safer and more secure future for the state. The new troopers, equipped with comprehensive training and guided by the values of integrity, fairness, and service, stand ready to embrace the challenges in their mission to protect and serve the community.

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