Charles County- The Environmental Resources Division of Charles County encourages residents and businesses to join the fight against littering by participating in the “Adopt-A-Spot” Program. This community-driven initiative aims to raise awareness about litter and debris removal from public areas, including parks, trails, and neighborhood playgrounds, to ensure the county remains pristine and beautiful.

The “Adopt-A-Spot” Program is open to residents, volunteer groups, and businesses, with necessary supervision for participants aged 17 and below. There is no cost associated with joining the program, as volunteers will be provided with essential cleaning equipment, including gloves, bags, trash grabbers, safety vests, and free trash disposal services.

Through this initiative, participants will be recognized for their efforts with a dedicated sign displayed in their adopted area, showcasing their commitment to preserving the environment and making Charles County cleaner and more attractive. The goal is to encourage citizens to become environmental stewards, fostering a sense of responsibility and community engagement.

The “Adopt-A-Road” and “Adopt-A-Spot” programs are two vital components of the Environmental Resources Division’s broader strategy to improve the overall cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of local roadways and public spaces. The program encourages active participation from the community, bridging the gap between government efforts and individual responsibility.

To participate in the “Adopt-A-Spot” or “Adopt-A-Road” program, interested individuals and groups can visit the official website, Additionally, further details and clarifications can be obtained by contacting the Environmental Resources Division at 301-932-3599 or through email at

The initiative welcomes people of all abilities, and for residents with special needs, the Maryland Relay Service is available at 711, while the Relay Service TDD can be reached at 800-735-2258.

The success of the “Adopt-A-Spot” Program heavily relies on community engagement and volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to clean up and maintain the designated areas. By “adopting” a spot, participants actively contribute to the collective mission of keeping Charles County free from litter and preserving its natural beauty.

Over the years, littering has posed a significant challenge for the county, affecting its visual appeal, environmental health, and local wildlife. Plastic bags, bottles, and other discarded waste not only mar the landscape but can also cause harm to wildlife and contaminate water sources.

In response to this growing concern, the Environmental Resources Division initiated the “Adopt-A-Spot” Program as a proactive approach to tackling litter and debris issues. The program’s success has steadily risen, with many residents and businesses stepping up to be part of the solution.

The “Adopt-A-Spot” Program is part of a broader county-wide effort to promote sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. By actively engaging citizens in maintaining the cleanliness of their surroundings, Charles County aims to create a lasting impact on the community’s mindset towards littering and waste management.

As the program grows, the Environmental Resources Division hopes to see an even larger number of residents and businesses participate in adopting spots throughout the county. By doing so, Charles County can set an example for neighboring regions and inspire similar initiatives in the fight against littering and for a greener and cleaner environment.

Charles County’s “Adopt-A-Spot” Program offers a tangible way for individuals and groups to make a difference in their community. Through collective action, participants in the program are taking steps to preserve the natural beauty of the area while also fostering a stronger sense of community and environmental responsibility.

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