Wilmington, North Carolina – During their annual meeting on August 7, 2023, State Fire Marshal Brian S. Geraci was presented with The Olin Greene Outstanding Fire Prevention Service Award by the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM). The award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to fire prevention and public safety, achieving significant accomplishments in their field. In addition to this prestigious accolade, Geraci has been re-elected as the Vice-President of NASFM, a position he holds among the nation’s most senior fire officials.

Having served in Maryland’s fire service since 1973, Geraci’s impressive career began with the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service. He climbed the ranks throughout the years, eventually retiring as a Battalion Commander for the Fire and Explosive Investigation Section/Bomb Squad before being appointed State Fire Marshal in September 2013 under then-Governor Martin O’Malley.

(L-R) President of NASFM & Vermont SFM Michael Desrochers, Maryland SFM Brian S. Geraci, NASFM Executive Direct & Past Louisianna SFM Butch Browning

As the State Fire Marshal, Geraci has been at the forefront of various initiatives to improve fire safety and prevention in Maryland. Among his accomplishments, he successfully championed legislation requiring non-arc-resistant jacketed CSST in all new homes and buildings, ensuring increased resident safety standards. Moreover, Geraci collaborated with the State Law Enforcement Labor Alliance (SLEOLA) to negotiate significant salary increases for sworn investigators, recognizing their crucial role in fire incident data reporting and analysis.

The State Fire Marshal also spearheaded efforts to enhance fire investigator safety, focusing on cancer prevention. His commitment to this cause has improved fire service professionals’ conditions. Furthermore, Geraci worked closely with legislators to ensure that all new homes are equipped with residential sprinklers and that existing homes have ten-year sealed battery smoke alarms and CO alarms, significantly reducing fire-related fatalities in Maryland.

Throughout his career, Geraci has been an outspoken advocate for the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) and its mission to promote residential fire sprinkler legislation. He received the AFSA Sprinkler Advocate of the Year award in 2020 in recognition of his dedication to educating the public about the life-saving benefits of fire sprinklers.

Commenting on the award and his achievements, State Fire Marshal Geraci said, “I am deeply honored to receive The Olin Greene Outstanding Fire Prevention Service Award. Fire prevention has been a driving force throughout my career, and I am grateful to be recognized for my contributions to public safety. I share this award with all the hardworking men and women in the fire service who continue to make a difference every day.”

The Olin Greene Outstanding Fire Prevention Service Award, established by NASFM in 2008, is named after one of the association’s founders and a former U.S. Fire Administrator, Olin Greene. This prestigious lifetime achievement award acknowledges the exceptional efforts of fire officials like Geraci, who have dedicated their lives to fire prevention and safety.

Geraci’s continued leadership as the Vice-President of NASFM ensures that his contributions to the field of fire prevention will extend beyond Maryland, impacting fire safety nationwide. Geraci’s guidance will be valuable as a seasoned expert in shaping policies, sharing best practices, and advising Governors and State Legislatures on fire protection matters.

The recognition bestowed upon State Fire Marshal Brian S. Geraci is a testament to his unwavering commitment to fire prevention and public safety. With a career spanning several decades and marked by numerous accomplishments, Geraci’s efforts have undoubtedly made a significant impact, leaving behind a safer and more resilient Maryland.

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