SOUTHERN MARYLAND – Ruger, a sprightly 10-year-old beagle weighing 45 pounds, is the “Dog of the Week” at Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland, searching for a loving forever home. With age comes wisdom, and Ruger carries a gentle disposition and love for companionship that comes naturally with his senior status.

The affable hound is currently enjoying his time with a foster family, where he enjoys relaxed moments with his foster mom and playful antics with his foster brothers. One of his favorite pastimes includes exploring the outdoors and reveling in friendly romps with fellow canine pals in the yard.

While Ruger is patient, his ideal home setting would feature a fenced yard, giving him the perfect space for his sniffing escapades, explorative journeys, and the aforementioned playful romps. And he wouldn’t mind the company of one or two canine companions to share in his daily adventures.

For those interested in knowing more about this charismatic senior beagle, Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland has set up a dedicated page providing detailed information on Ruger. Click here to access the most up-to-date details about him and see his endearing photographs.

While Ruger is the week’s highlight, the Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland continually strives to find homes for other beagles who need love and care. The organization is passionate about its mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome beagles, emphasizing the importance of adoptive families in giving these dogs a second chance at life.

Individuals or families looking to expand their household with a loving companion like Ruger or any of the other beagles in the organization’s care can express their interest by contacting The organization values every communication from potential adopters and responds promptly, providing necessary details about the adoption process and requirements.

It’s a noble mission for Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland and relies on the community’s generous heart. With his gentle demeanor and affectionate nature, the hope is that Ruger will soon find a forever home where he can enjoy the golden years of his life surrounded by love and care.

In the words of the organization itself, Ruger is waiting patiently for his forever home. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel drawn to Ruger’s story and think you could be the loving family he seeks. Your decision could change a life, giving Ruger the home he earnestly desires.

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